Religious Education Department
St. Margaret’s  High School

Department Specialist Staff
 Ms L Killean (Principal Teacher Acting)
Mrs B Reilly
Mrs H McLaren
Mrs AM Miller


Subjects covered:                                                                                                                                                                                                

Religious Education(Core)                                                                                                                    
Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies(Higher, S6 only)


Aims of the Religious Education Department in St.Margaret’s High School

The experience of Religious Education will assist each pupil and member of staff, on his/her lifelong journey of faith, towards eternal life with Christ in the following ways;


By fostering an atmosphere with the school, which binds us into a real Christian Community. By encouraging each individual to believe that he/she has both a unique importance, and a crucial role to play in creating this Christian community.


By making Christ and His message relevant, meaningful and inspiring, both through our teaching and in the way we treat each other on a daily basis.

By encouraging pupils to discover that many of today’s “values” are ultimately destructive, and build walls between ourselves and others: that adopting Christ’s teaching will demolish these walls.


By imparting knowledge of the Church, its nature, organisation and laws, and by pointing to how it works as the sign of Christ in the world.       
By pointing to the relevance of this Church, and Christ’s message in everyday life.


By leading pupils to an understanding of the sacred, both within our own and other religious traditions.       
By continually emphasising Christ’s teaching of forgiveness, encouraging pupils to turn back to the true path of Christ.                                           By enabling pupils to develop a personal relationship with Christ.     
By encouraging pupils to find faith through understanding.      
By encouraging pupils to believe that a firm faith in Christ is the basis for their achieving their fullest potential in all areas of life – spiritual, intellectual, social and vocational.


"Faith In Action" — Charity Work in the RE Department

The pupils of St Margaret's High School have a tremendous reputation for raising money to assist those less fortunate than themselves in society. The RE Department is proud to play its part in these ventures. Various year groups in RE are responsible for assisting different causes,

S1    - Lepra
S2    - Guide Dogs For The Blind
S3    - Teen Challenge
S4    -  Education 4 Life
S5/6 - Charities of their choice

During Advent, Christmas Parcels are collected for the elderly in our community and thousands of pounds are raised for charity throughout Advent.

Another very successful venture is the "Developing World Young Co-operate Group". A group of S5 pupils, led by Mrs Reilly, has set up a "Co-operative

The Caritas Award

What Is It?
The Pope Benedict XVI CARITAS AWARD was introduced in 2011-12 by the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland to recognise and promote the active faith commitment of young people in their final year of secondary school.

 It was also the first award for young people to be introduced by the Catholic Church in Scotland.
In session 2011-12, 450 young people received the award; in session 2012-13, 900 young people received it.  In session 2013-14, over 1200 young people from schools across Scotland were enrolled for the award.

The CARITAS AWARD is open to all young people in their final year of secondary school.

Pupils of all faiths and denominations will be welcome to join in and achieve the award.
Each school can decide locally which pupils they would like to invite to participate. Some schools may invite all S6 pupils to ‘sign up’; others may ask pupils to ‘apply’ to participate and others may approach individual pupils who would benefit from the experience.

However schools decide to involve pupils, it should be noted that the award is intended to be inclusive of all pupils who meet the published success criteria.

A parish community can also nominate a young person for the award.

How does it work?Focused on three distinctive but interwoven elements – Faith Witness, Faith Learning and Faith Reflection – the Caritas Award is offered as an open invitation to young people of all abilities and all faiths to explore the impact on their lives of Caritas – described in ‘Deus Caritas Est’ as “the love which God lavishes upon us and which we in turn must share with others”. Over the course of one school year, young people in Catholic schools and parishes volunteer to serve their local communities through committing their time and their talents to benefit others.

In the course of the award year, the young people involved, from a range of other religious traditions, are helped to see the links between their faith learning (in school and church), their faith witness and their own personal journey of faith through prayer, reflection and discernment. It is hoped that this year of service will encourage them to continue to share their God-given gifts, talents and time with others as they progress through adulthood.

Our pupils:
In St Margaret’s High School the RE department encourages S6 pupils to take up the challenge of the Caritas Award. Last year, we had a fantastic 38 pupils who successfully achieved the Caritas Award, after participating in both school and parish activities on their unique faith journey. This year, 2015-2016, we have enrolled upwards of 70 pupils and we are confident that also they will find their year of working on the Caritas Award a special and fulfilling experience. 


Visitors to the RE Department
As an important part of our coursework for Core RE across all year groups, we have traditionally brought in guest speakers to the school. This reaffirms the school’s links within the local community, as well as offering our young people the opportunity to listen to speakers from further afield. Our visitors enrich the experience of our young people, as well as allowing them to find out more about different charitable organisations and groups at first hand.
During the coming year, our young people will welcome among others to their Religious Education classes such diverse speakers as Ziggy Shipper, a survivor of the Holocaust; Margaret Cuthill from the British Victims of Abortion Group; Sam Hunter representing Guide Dogs for the Blind, as well as various speakers for Education for Life, Teen Challenge, Lepra, SVDP and young visitors hailing from Flowerhill Church evangelization group in the USA.

At the end of S1, Sandra Brown, founder of the Moira Anderson Foundation, brings her acclaimed One-Woman Play to our school theatre, leaving both staff and students spellbound and keen to explore how we can continue to keep our young people safe, secure and happy in our present day society.


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