Religious Education - National Qualifications
St. Margaret’s  High School

S4 RE Course - Synopsis
Beginning with an exploration of how we all have dreams/aspirations, we consider the dreams of historical characters and touch on the fact that Christ has a “dream” (A Divine Plan) for us.  A consideration of the historical existence of Jesus is then followed by an exploration of the Divine/Human co-existence in Jesus.

Next, we consider “Life” issues such as;
  • Abortion
  • Euthanasia
  • Capital Punishment 
Following on from this is our “Christian Relationship” Unit, which deals with emotive issues such as contraception and “Under-aged Sex”.  Our “Life Conference”, held in November, allows pupils the opportunity to reflect on many “life” issues.  Christ’s dream, we argue, can ultimately be fulfilled in a Christian Marriage between husband and wife.
Essentially, the course’s objective is to glorify the gift of human life and to set it in the concept of Christ’s “Dream” for all of us ultimately to be reunited with His Father in Heaven.


S5 RE Course Synopsis
What we are piloting in S5 is really quite experimental!  Brian Cairns has written an S3 Unit entitled, “The Presence of God”, and we have taken this as the basis of our S5 and S6 Courses.  Lots of imaginative methodologies are being employed in RE in Upper School, and we are evaluating the programme on a yearly basis.

The basic theme running throughout the year is the Sanctity of Human Life, being made in the Image of God, and the human journey through life to our ultimate destination – to be with God and our loved ones in Heaven.


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